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Knowing what makes you different
is what makes us different.

Vice President CG Facer, and President Andy Facer

For nearly 60 years in operation and over the span of 3 generations of pilots, our family has grown our stable of pilots and aircraft by maintaining a simple practice:

Treat each and every insured as an individual.

It sounds simple, but for many of our competitors, it proves to be a challenging task. 

At Facer Insurance, we value the nuances and distinctions
 between the many aviation enthusiasts we work with. We take pride in discerning the differences between operations and producing programs that are designed specifically for the operator in question. We strive to find solutions to problems, whether they come in the form of premium costs, training requirements, or any other obstacles our insureds might encounter.

Give us a call. Talk to a real human being who will treat you like one, too.

The best way to learn about us will be to see how we learn about you.

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