How to Fill Out the PDF's on a Tablet



To begin, make sure you have the "Adobe Acrobat" application on your tablet. This is a free app available in the app store.

With the Adobe Acrobat application installed on your device, return to your browser and click on the PDF you wish to edit


The document will open up in your browser as shown below. To edit the document, you'll need to move it to Adobe Acrobat


In the upper left corner of the screen, select "Open in...". From there, you should be able to copy the document to Adobe Acrobat

The document will now open in the Adobe Acrobat App


Your document is ready to edit! Just click and type as needed!


When you've finished filling out your pdf, click the export button in the center at the bottom of the screen. Select "Share File"


The dialogue box below will open. Select "Share Original Document"


Select "Mail"


Your document is attached and ready to email. Simply type in the email address of the CSR you wish to contact and you're done! Thank you, we'll be in contact soon.

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